BGI Hunts for Genetic Links to High IQ

China's BGI is sequencing around 2,200 samples of individuals with high IQ in order to identify genes associated with intelligence.

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A Babel Tower. Looking for a

A Babel Tower. Looking for a needle in a stack of hey. The question is can we identify genes underlying g/IQ? The answer is yes, certainly. The gene CHL1 also known as CALL is one of such genes. I studied a MENSA family with an average IQ of ~200, one of their two children had an IQ of ~100, he lost one copy of the CHL1/CALL gene. To find SNPs in the gene associated with elevated g/IQ is possible but a mammoth undertaking. There is much discussion regarding the "Flynn effect" and whether the rise in IQ (3 points up per decade) is leveling off...
According to Flynn the explanations is that children stopped reading books.
Michael Lerman, Ph.D., M.D.