A Better Look at Synesthesia

Scientists perform the first genome-wide scan to find genetic linkages for synesthesia.

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Synesthesia is a "disease"?

Synesthesia is a "disease"? Since when? Frankly, I would let someone "cure" me of my synesthesia about as quickly as I'd let them "cure" me of my ability to taste sweetness or smell a rose blossom. I feel sorry for people who AREN'T synesthetic, because they don't know what they're missing.

That's really sloppy wording.

That's really sloppy wording. At worst you could call it a disorder since diseases have to have an etiology. Synesthesia has no negative effects I know of and could even make an individual more "fit" by enhancing creativity and ability to make lateral connections between ideas.

Variant Perception Of course,

Variant Perception
Of course, synesthesia is not a disease - I thought and hoped, that through progress in the neurosciences we had moved beyond that 19th century type of pseudo-science thinking meanwhile. I would not even call it a disorder, but rather a perception variant. I fully agree with both farhat and nighthawk: it certainly has the potential of endogenous enhancement of creativeness, an issue not raised yet in the current debate on safety and acceptability of - pharmacologically - induced cognitive enhancement. I am a participant in synesthesia research and I do use these 'extended abilities' purposefully since I learned through the experiments that they are 'real'. Not to be cured.