The Baby's Sequence

A graduate student and blogger sequenced his son's genome before he was born.

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The baby's genome may be

The baby's genome may be boring now but think about the pristine information there is on this lucky infant. I am very confident that all newborn infants will have their genome sequenced at birth as part of their health information.

i agree that all newborns

i agree that all newborns will have it in the not too distant future, but i don't think the ELSI issues have been sufficiently worked out yet, particularly now when so many results are of unknown significance.

I've had my own genotyping done (23andMe, soon to be full exome), am glad i did it, and would recommend it to other *adults*. But it has not been without its complications I have some reservations over doing it for a person not yet old enough to make an informed decision on the matter.