And Science Ground to a Halt While Reviews Were Underway

NIH is going to need record numbers of reviewers to deal with as many as 30,000 stimulus funding grant applications.

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The RC1 program is going to

The RC1 program is going to burden the scientific community to review 29,000 grants, each one 12 pages of project description (that's 348,000 pages) plus another 30 pages or so of other material (another 870,000 pages). If each grant review requires 4 hours on the part of 3 reviewers (as is typical) that's about 350,000 person-hours. Considering salary, fringe benefits, and overhead, on average these scientists are at about $95 per hour, for a total of over $33 million. All that to distribute $200 million in grant funds to stimulate the U.S. economy by about 65 cents per person.

I can help here but it's been

I can help here but it's been about 4 years since I was an NIH reviewer (computational genomics). Does anyone have the site for volunteering? My address has changed in 4 yrs so it's probable that they do not have the current email.


RCI should invite young

RCI should invite young investigators to serve as reviewers.

JW - you can contact your

JW - you can contact your usual program officer or an appropriate SRO at CSR. In your case, I would assume this to be:

Barbara Thomas, Ph.D.
Division of Basic and Integrative Biological Sciences

Scientific Review Officer
Genes, Genomes and Genetics (GGG)
Genomics, Computational Biology and Technology (GCAT)

Phone Number: 301-435-0603

She could send along your offer to the appropriate individual if she is not the best point of contact for you.

Anyone who is interested in serving as a reviewer (either for the RC1s or in general) should identify and contact the most appropriate SRO in terms of reviewer expertise.