Technology Review lists this year's "breakthrough technologies," including prenatal sequencing.

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T21 is not life threatening.

T21 is not life threatening.

I agree with you. These

I agree with you. These genetic testing on fetuses... what are we wanting to do with it ?
Seems on the way of "Welcome to GATACA"... Ethics should be the first domain to deal with this new technology, before marketing and sales force.

If it's your kid with T21,

If it's your kid with T21, I'm sure you'll start to care; not to mention caring about any number of crippling genetic conditions that are not necessarily terminal, but would be a good thing to know before fetus comes to term.

I understand fearing GATACA, but that's a much more ambiguous (and unlikely) outcome than that of having your child fight with a debilitating condition their entire life. Don't turn into technophobes just because it's genes. No one seems to mind the useless morphology tests they conduct to id T21- is it because they're so poor in accuracy or because there are no genes involved?