AMP-Myriad Gene-Patent Row Moves to Appeals Court

The start of oral arguments signals that things are about to get serious: An opinion by a Federal Appeals Court will bind all federal courts, other than the Supreme Court. Some expect the one adjudicating this case to hand down a decision by June.

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From my point of view, how on

From my point of view, how on earth can you patent a gene after you apply it to the obviousness clause of patent law? Even if you roll back the clock a couple decades, any Joe Schmoe with the tools to synthesize primers and clone fragments can go "search happy" and find lots and lots of genes.

Putting aside your opinion

Putting aside your opinion (I've written about both sides' argument, and my own, since the row began two years ago) it's certainly true that labs of all stripes have gone "search happy" over the past decade. But "search crazy" is probably more accurate!