All Sequester's Eve

Research institutes brace for the impact of the sequester, which is set to go into effect tomorrow.

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Maybe Life and Illumina and

Maybe Life and Illumina and the rest of the crowd will have to cut back on those 80% profit margins... I'm sure they could afford to suck up some of the hurt!

The above post is certainly

The above post is certainly correct on one huge part of the problem. Prices of research products are obscene and it largely is because the bar is set by academic researchers who are not spending money they had to earn but are tapping into the public teat.

I understand that there actually is more money availble in 2013 than 2012 even if the sequester takes place, just less than the fully funded allocation would have been. So Keith R Yamamoto might suffer the indignity of having one or two fewer post-docs in his factory. Well welcome to the real world Keith; I know plenty of people who have been laid off and simply can't land a new job in the private sector. After being out of work for several years, I considered myself truly fortunate to find a job for one-half of what I made 6 years ago.

Why is private sector emplyoment so bad? Well in part because the enonomy is so weak that no company or entrepeur is willing to invest in anything remotely exploratory or uncertain. And why is the ecnomy so weak? Well partly because of the surreal deficits that have made sequestration necessary in the first place.