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Researchers outline the career preferences of science PhDs in PLoS One.

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How are PhD students, who

How are PhD students, who need better job market advice from their academic advisers, going to get such advice considering the fact that in most cases, their academic advisers have never been there & done that? Would have been nice if the authors could have surveyed faculty mentors to see how many have done anything but academic research and/or teaching in their careers (and I don't mean waiting tables or scooping ice cream to get through college!) to get a peek at how prepared mentors are to provide such "job market advice." Might it help to get an industry or government representative (or the like) on the thesis committee if the PhD student is interested in that path?

I think MolecularPro makes a

I think MolecularPro makes a good point. UC Davis actually has a great model in place to meet these very needs, the DEB, and it has had a lot of success over the past 10 years or so its been in existence. It may be of interest for other universities to take a look at this program:

I agree as well. I just

I agree as well. I just finished my MS and although I have PhD admits from good places, this very thought has bothered me enough so I abstain from accepting any offer at the moment.