"Adventurous Female Human" Needed to Give Birth to Neandertal

George Church speaks to Spiegel Online about Neandertals, genetic engineering, and more.

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In 2011 in response to The WH

In 2011 in response to The WH request I wrote:
" In the very near future, verily, humans may be genetically modified to carry an additional functional copy of the highly conserved gene, FUS1/TUSC2. I classify it as a Janus (two-faced) type gene that is most suited for prevention and gene therapy of cancer. On one hand it’s a classical tumor suppressor gene (TSG) on the other it’s a powerful regulator of the immune system. Over-expression of this gene will suppress and prevent tumor formation and boost the immune system leading to overproduction of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and most effector cells thus activating the immune attack on tumor cells. In addition, individuals with an extra functional copy of the gene will be resistant to immune and infectious diseases including HIV and will enjoy longer lives through its positive effect on the Thioredoxin peroxidase activity."
Michael I. Lerman, M.D., Ph.D.

What would the effects be on

What would the effects be on auto-immune diseases from over expression of FUS1/TUSC2 (your favorite gene)that cannot possibly be predicted from a model organism that lives no more than a single decade, or less than than half the time an adult human takes to reach maturity?

The animal (human) genome is only about the size of MS Word, but it is so much more information dense. Your little tweak might encode pleiotropic functions in a genetically heterogeneous population of long lived humans.

Its OK to generate mice with poor health and birth defects, but deformed babies are another thing. Jesse Gelsinger meets Thalidomide? I think it will be quite a while before anyone will want to try direct modification of the human genome.

The living matter is prepared

The living matter is prepared to try out anything that can be done ... to survive, but we ?

FYI: More more information

FYI: More more information about the exciting work being reported here and the details of the Neandertal civilization being created in Boston, please see: